1.1 Introduction to PA (Lecture):

1.1 Lecture introduction to PA
1.1 TUTOR guidelines of the lecture

1.2 Definition of PA (Practice):

1.2 STUDENT guidelines of the practice
1.2 TUTOR guidelines of the practice
1.2 Additional material (Link to video)

1.3 Introduction to PA (Reading):

1.3 STUDENT guidelines reading
1.3 Reading document of introduction to PA
1.3 Reading document of Perspectives of PA

1.4 Examples of Precision Agriculture (Case study):

1.4 STUDENT guidelines case study

1.5 Cost/Benefit of PA (Practice):

1.5 STUDENT guidelines practice
1.5 TUTOR guidelines practice

1.6 Current cases of PA (Visit):

1.6 TUTOR Guidelines technical visit

1.7 Evaluation:

1.7 Assessment questionnaire