2.1 Introduction to Global Navigation Satellite Systems (Lecture):

2.1 Lecture introduction GNSS
2.1 TUTOR guidelines GNSS lecture

2.2 Introduction to GIS and GNSS (Practice):

2.2 STUDENT guidelines GIS practice
2.2 TUTOR guidelines GIS practice
2.2 Additional material (Link to video GNSS)
2.2 Additional material (Link to video GIS)

2.3 Satellite imagery data source (Practice):

2.3 STUDENT guidelines of the practice
2.3 TUTOR guidelines DS practice

2.4 Configuration of a GNSS (Practice):

2.4 STUDENT guidelines GNSS practice
2.4 TUTOR guidelines GNSS practice

2.5 Real-time positioning services (Practice):

2.5 STUDENT guidelines RT practice
2.5 TUTOR guidelines RT practice

2.6 Application of GIS in real farm (Case study):

2.6 STUDENT guidelines RF case study
2.6 Reading document of the case study

2.7 Introduction to QGIS (Practice):

2.7 STUDENT guidelines QGIS practice
2.7 TUTOR guidelines QGIS practice
2.7 Additional material (ZIP file)

2.8 Remote sensing and GIS applications in agriculture (Lecture):

2.8 Lecture introduction RS-GIS
2.8 TUTOR guidelines RS-GIS lecture

2.9 Building and agricultural data base (Practice):

2.9 STUDENT guidelines DB practice
2.9 TUTOR guidelines DB practice
2.9 Additional material (ZIP file)

2.10 Evaluation:

2.10 Assessment GNSS questionnaire